There is definitely more light!

Dear friends and supporters.

Our 5 year Project Agreement with the government has now been approved and we can now look forward to moving ahead with the implementation of the new innovative Renewable Energy Service Centre. This unique and important project is needed badly in the remote region of the Hidden Himalayas. RE projects that break down very often are never repaired due to lack of skills and resources.

The Nepal Trust have been drivers in the push to establish RE projects throughout the district and have set high standards for others to follow. However, the cost of repair and maintenance has been high due to having to import the necessary skills and spare parts. The idea of having a Service Centre is to reduce this cost and to have at hand all the required skills and parts to provide servicing  and repairs throughout the district.

It is worth summarising what the Nepal Trust has achieved over recent years and why we have received international recognition for our work and innovation. We have built 7 Micro-hydro schemes for 8000 beneficiaries and 11 Community Solar projects benefitting 4500 people. We have also provided solar energy schemes to the local hospital, guest houses, and health centres. We have installed 7 Food Grinders and 2 Oil press machines. Other agencies have built schemes that more than double our figures. The Service Centre has been built and serviced with power and water and is near ready for operation.Our chosen local NGO is Local Initiative Development Support Consultancy Agency (LIDS) who will be responsible for the operation and management. The Trust will retain a responsibility for the provision of electrical, mechanical, civil and technical/support materials over the implementation phase of 5 years with a phase out period over 10 years. We will not run away!

I am very excited about this project and I hope you are too. Renewable energy is good for the planet and good for the people of this remote region who are never likely to be linked up to national grid. I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement and I hope you will continue to help in some way. Tell your friends about us and encourage them to support these very remote and very poor people. At the same time you will be helping to slow down global warming and climate change. Now that is some target!



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