Now for the next challenge.

Dear Friends and Supporters

It is time for us to move on to our next school challenge. We have completed our project agreement with the government. This includes improvements to the school hostel at Muchu to cater for an expanding student population, the construction of more classrooms and the renovation and expansion of a satelite school at Challa village. The population at Muchu and surrounding villages are now well catered for education facilities under the control and guidance of the government.

The Nepal Trust will never be far away and will respond to any issues, concerns or worries that occur.

This will be our final report from Muchu but you may well hear more in the future. We are currently in discussion with the government and donors to establish a new project to expand and improve a number of existing schools throughout Humla. Fifteen schools have been identified. A similar project is at an early proposal stage to launch something similar in our other main target area of Sindupalchowk. We will keep you informed as things develop and I hope to launch a new project on our GlobalGiving platform as soon as all details are tidied up.

We are very grateful to you for your help and support in funding and completing this vital project. Education is so important in these remote and deficient areas and it is so vital if children are to have any future.

Please stay in touch and tell your friends about our vital work. We need to keep you with us!



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