Machinery has been ordered.

Dear Friends and Supporters

I am very happy to report that now we have a new Project Agreement with the government and we have concluded the working agreement with our chosen operator – LIDS, operations are go. All equipment and machinery have been ordered and will be delivered to the new Service Centre after the festival of Tihar in November, the second most important Hindu festival in Nepal.

This is a keystone project that it is hoped will deliver a much needed service in the remote district of Humla. New renewable energy schemes are springing up all over the district but lack any technical support when repairs or maintenance are required. It will also bring new skills to this remote area and generate prosperity and reasons to remain rather move out to a better life.

The Nepal Trust will continue to monitor and support this project for up to five years to help nuture and ensure it becomes a successful enterprise. We believe this is the first of its kind in the remote areas and will provide a blueprint for others to follow.

We sincerely thank you for all of your support and we hope you will continue to help until we are happy the project can stand on its own feet. Please tell your friends and ask them to help support this environment enhancing project. A changing climate is perhaps affecting the people of the Himalayas worse than most. Please help them.

Many thanks and Namaste


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