The Nepal Trust supports local communities in effective implementations of solar and micro-hydro power projects and creates linkages to renewable energy technologies such as solar dryers, improved solar home units, smokeless cookstoves, LEDs & new technology, but also computer education and (mobile) communication. Alternative energy projects contribute to reduction of deforestation, health related problems, support local enterprises and enhance better quality of life.

Past Projects

  • Construction Gothi 50 kW micro hydro
  • Construction Chyaduk 4.5 kW micro hydro
  • Implementation Yari village solar electrification
  • Construction Kermi 5.5 kW micro hydro
  • Construction Til 5.5 kW micro hydro
  • Construction Halji 6.5 kW micro hydro
  • Construction Jang 6.5 kW micro hydro
  • Construction Lali 21.5 kW micro hydro
  • Implementation solar electrification Simikot Guest House incl. solar shower
  • Implementation solar electrification Simikot District Hospital
  • Implementation Til village solar electrification
  • Implementation Halji village solar electrification
  • Implementation Jang village solar electrification

Ongoing Projects

Planned Projects

  • Running Simikot Renewable Energy Service Center
  • Smokeless Cook Stove Projects
  • Solar Lamp Installation Projects
  • Other solar -and micro-hydro projects