Online Shopping

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For online gifts to a friend, family member, or loved one, that support our works directly please consider the following:

£15 Little Doctor Kits £20 Birthing Kits £2+ p.month Friend Status £10+ p.month Membership Status
£5 Lightbulbs £10 A Yak £30 Medical Supplies £40 A Toolbox
  £60 A Health Worker £100 A Cargo Plane
We all struggle at times to think of a gift for someone who seems to have everything. So why not give a gift that will really make a difference, helping to bring healthcare, electricity and education to Humla? Together with Membership and Friend status, we have put together these items* that we think will appeal to your friends and family as ‘gifts’, that you can present to them in exchange for donations.
We will send you a Nepal Trust greetings card - either one of our Christmas Cards with a photo, or a James Hart Dyke watercolour card, depending on the occasion. All contain images from Humla.

Inside the card will be a polaroid-type photo of the gift item you have chosen, with an explanation on the back of why such items are so important to the work we carry out in north-west Nepal.

You will also receive a copy of the latest edition of our newsletter, Namaste.
For any questions, please contact the Glasgow office.

*These have been chosen as examples of the kinds of things we spend donations on. All donations go towards our work of improving lives in Humla through our different community development projects. The costs indicated above are the real costs associated with those items.