Jazz Night & Promises Auction in London in aid of The Nepal Trust

jazz-night-poster Thursday 26 March 2015 a Jazz Night & Promises Auction will be organized by the Rotary club of Chiswick & Brentford (London, UK) in aid of the Nepal Trust’s school & education support program in Muchu village, Humla district, Nepal.

It will be a great evening full of live music featuring Joan Viskant & Jazz Band.

Tickets are still available and include a meal, live music and a welcome drink. The program starts at 19:30 pm at The Polish Centre, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith, London, so please book tickets before they are sold out!

Tickets can be booked by sending an Email to:

nt-muchu-school-project For more information on this event, the education program in Muchu and how to book tickets, please have a look at the attached information posters.

Please tell your friends, family or any other Jazz enthusiasts and we hope to see you on the 26th!

Other News

The Nepal Trust INGO status renewed for 5 years

NT Renewed We are pleased to announce that after signing a new General Agreement in February 2014 with the Social Welfare Council (SWC), The Nepal Trust has signed the new Project Agreement for 5 years with SWC on the 18th of July 2014, which allows us to implement the activities we put forward. The center piece to the plan is our core health program, which sees us planning to continue facilitating primary healthcare services through our existing healthcare team and chain of five clinics, with one additional one to be opened at Yari.

The plan also includes provision for constructing and running up to three birthing centers in association with the clinics. Other core projects include the continued running of our Little Doctors program and the operation of the Service Center. It also makes scope for continuing our work in education, heritage preservation, sustainable tourism and renewable energy.

Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal collaborate with FairFriends

FairFriends In April 2014 Nepal Trust and our Dutch partner Stichting Nepal, entered into a collaboration with FairFriends in order to raise funds for our healthcare program in Humla.

FairFriends is a Dutch Fair Trade organization that recently won the prestigious Dutch ASN Bank Award, for developing a unique online platform that connects producers and buyers from fair trade products worldwide directly with each other without any middle men.

FairFriends recently announced that they wished to support 8 local development projects, whereby 10% from sales are directly utilized to support local initiatives; 5% goes to a project chosen buy the product buyer and 5% to a project chosen by the product producer.

From over 120 applications Nepal Trust has been selected as one of the eight organizations, whereby we aim to raise funds for our health program in Humla.

We like to thank FairFriends for this great opportunity and also Stichting Nepal for their support.

More information on this initiative can be found by clicking this link.

Nepal Trust obtains full NIDOS Membership

NIDOS In March 2014 The Nepal Trust obtained full membership of NIDOS (Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland).

NIDOS is the network in Scotland that unites the international development sector to promote effectiveness and collectively influence the policy agenda. The main aim is to strengthen the contribution of Scottish organisations to reducing inequality and poverty worldwide.

This network has a uniquely global reach, with members working in at least 142 countries with a wide range of specialisms. NIDOS will help The Nepal Trust to share their skills and expertise with other members and government bodies to boost effectiveness across the sector.

For more information on NIDOS and The Nepal Trust affiliation, please click this link.

Nepal Trust visits health supporters CÎME in Belgium

cima CÎME is a Belgian Fair Trade company, founded by Anke de Boeck and Isabel Coppens, which uses Himalayan herbs and plants to produce organic and hygienic skin care products.

Parts of the proceeds of these products are supporting our health program and in particular our Little Doctor Child Health Education Programs.

In January 2014 Jeroen and Nirmala, while in Holland, visited Anke and Isabel at the CÎME head office in Brussels to thank them on behalf of the Trust for their valuable support and to discuss the upcoming health project activities.

CIME We hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with CÎME and like to thank them for their valuable support to date.

More information on CÎME, its products and their partnership with Nepal Trust can be found by clicking this link.

Nepal Trust invited by ICIMOD to participate in Sustainable Tourism and Waste Management workshop for Kailash and Tibet Region in Chengdu (China)

icimod In November 2013 Jeroen and Nirmala were invited by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) to participate in an international workshop in Chengdu, China.

Aims of the workshop was to bring together, for the first time, various tour operators and private sector stakeholders from both India, Nepal and China/ Tibet to discuss sustainable tourism and waste management practices in the Kailash region in Tibet, which is visited by thousands of Indian pilgrims each year and ths has to deal with a significant tourism impact.

During the 3-day workshop many group discussions and sessions took place, whereby operators and local stakeholders analyzed the current Tibetan tourism industry and its effects on the environment.

icimod Humla is Nepal’s gateway to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Tibet, and both the Trust’s experience in tourism and development in this area, was useful to share with others.

We would be happy to assist ICIMOD in further efforts and like to thank them for this useful opportunity to contribute to preservation of this beautiful and sacred area.

The Nepal Trust invited for Colorado, USA Speaking Tour with Rotary Durango Daybreak and Distr. 5470

Durango Daybreak Rotary In July 2013 8 members and supporters of the Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak from Colorado (D. 5470) travelled to Humla to install 165 solar lamps and mobile phone units throughout 30 villages in Humla district. After this successful project, which altered many lives of people in Humla, Jeroen was kindly invited by the club to speak at the International Rotary District Conference in Colorado Springs in October 2013 to present the works of the Trust for all 57 clubs and the international committee.

During the plenary session at the conference Jeroen, together with members from the club presented the Humla project and gave an insight in possible energy and livelihood related projects for upcoming years.

After the conference a speaking tour was organized by RC Durango Daybreak, in which Jeroen visited all 3 clubs in Durango, Rotary youth and schools to discuss development issues in Nepal and Humla in particular.

Jeroen stayed at the houses of the several members and supporters throughout his stay and we like to thank all the members for their kind hospitality..

Joe and Jeroen with Rotary Flag It was a great opportunity to introduce our works to USA Rotary and we are very grateful to RC Durango Daybreak to make this an unforgettable experience. We surely look forward to strengthen our collaborative efforts in future with the club and district to benefit the people of Nepal.

A great video documentary, which was recently aired at the Durango Independent Film Festival showing how Rotarians from Durango Daybreak (Distr. 5470, USA) and The Nepal Trust (UK/Nepal) are working 'hands on' to install solar lamps and mobile phone charging units at local tea shops, homestays and houses in the more remote and poorer areas of the Himalaya's of Nepal to improve local businesses, income generation and tele-communication through environment friendly renewable energy technologies along the Great Himalaya Trail can be seen by clicking this link.

Nepal Trust and Norlha working together for agriculture development in Humla

Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal In July 2012, Joep Slaats from Holland and Operations Director of Norlha (, a Swiss NGO that has been working in China, visited the Nepal Trust office in Kathmandu to discuss Norlha’s plans to expand their operations in Nepal and to explore potential collaboration.

Since then, Nepal Trust has been developing a major 3-year agriculture & food security program in Humla, which aims to support 325 farmers along the tourism trails to re-vitalize agriculture development and expand vegetable production and bee-keeping in the Humla area and stimulate local and international trade with Tibet.

The project has been approved by Norlha and in July 2013 Nepal Trust and Norlha signed the project agreement and local staff has been hired to implement the project.

All in all, this is a great achievement and positive opportunity for the Nepal Trust to further expand its activities in the agriculture and food security sector.

More information on Norlha and the project can be found by clicking this link.

Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal working together for education programs in Nepal

Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal In August 2012, Krijn de Best and Marcel Damad, both board members of Stichting Nepal (, a Dutch charity that has been working for over 20 years in Nepal in the education sector, visited the Nepal Trust office in Kathmandu to discuss potential collaboration.

In January of this year the Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal entered into a partnership of initially five years, whereby Nepal Trust will implement all new education programs of Stichting Nepal in Nepal.

The first major project together is currently ongoing, notably to construct a new government primary school in Thehe village. Thehe is the biggest (Hindu) village in Humla, consisting of 2,500 villagers and is the most impoverished area in Humla, close to Bargaun and Torpa.

Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal Other ongoing initiatives include school -and student support and more projects are in the planning.

All in all, this is a great achievement and positive opportunity for the Nepal Trust to further expand its activities in the education sector.

In addition plans are under development to establish a strategic partnership between NT and SN to raise funds for our healthcare program and other project areas.

Nepal Trust awarded Institute of Videography (IOV) Awards for best documentary

Best Film Documentary Nepal Trust awarded Institute of Videography (IOV) Awards for best documentary

In 2012 the Trust has been awarded one of the most prestigious film documentary awards in UK from the Institute of Videography (IOV) Awards.

The film documentary explains more about our healthcare program and development works in general and has been covered on the STV Elgin local webpage.

More information can be found on the Recite Films website by clicking the following link.

Nepal Trust promotion with Kutumba concert and Nepal Ambassador visit in Aberdeen

Kutumba concert Kutumba, Nepal’s most exciting traditional folk band will conclude their tour around Scotland on Saterday 15 September, at the Arts Lecture Theatre, University of Aberdeen.

The event, that will take place from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy traditional music of the Himalayas of Nepal.

The event will coincide with a special visit to Aberdeen of the Nepal Ambassador, who together with representatives from the Embassy and The Nepal Trust will promote the country of Nepal and its development.

In order to do so, and to introduce people to development issues of the country, an exhibition will be held, in which development organizations will explain about their works and the impacts they have made in Nepal.

The Nepal Trust will not only have its own exhibition stand to promote its work and achievements in Nepal, but on invitation by the event’s steering committee, we will also give a short presentation during the formal part of the day, to highlight the Trust's work and to promote Nepal as a tourism destination.

We surely hope to see you on 15 September in Aberdeen to not only enjoy great music from Kutumba, but also to learn about The Nepal Trust and how you can get involved to help the local communities in need.

For more information on the event and Kutumba please click the following links:

Kutumba Scotland Tour Flyer
Kutumba Profile

Lynne Tapper and Nepal Trust working together for education and literacy

Lyanne Tapper Lynne was born in the UK before moving to Canada at the age of 11. She worked as a pre-school teacher in the inner-city where she became accustomed to telling stories to entertain children.

When she eventually moved back to England, she was involved in one of the first Employment Zones in the UK – a Government initiative to help people get back into work. She soon became a motivational trainer – telling stories once again to inspire positive change – as she worked with people recovering from illness, lone parents, long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and young people, helping them move towards success and happiness in their lives.

Jeroen at The Nepal Trust office Lynne spent many years looking for the answers to being happy through relationships, travelling, people pleasing, rescuing, shopping, self-help movements, chocolate, socializing and being a drama queen – finally finding the answer when she stopped looking. She now helps large companies develop their Corporate Social Responsibility and works with young ex-offenders helping them help themselves!

The Nepal Trust has been collaborating with Lynne Tapper not only to promote her new book 'Living with Feet Too Big for a Glass Slipper', which is a semi-autobiographical tale based on Lynne’s life, but also to promote the Trust in both UK and Canada in order to support children's education and literacy projects in Humla.

Jeroen at Pashupatinath

For more information please visit Lynne's website.

The Nepal Trust chosen as case study for Charities Aid Foundation in UK

CAF Logo The Nepal Trust chosen as case study for Charities Aid Foundation in UK In 2010, CAF Venturesome invested in The Nepal Trust to help fund the Gothi Khola 50 kW Micro Hydro Power project in south Humla. The project has been completed succesfully and CAF Venturesome has made a case study out of the project.

Gothi MHPThe Nepal Trust/ Venturesome case study is proving to be very popular and CAF has announced they will use our project for the CAF annual report, as a prime example of a succesful project completed with CAF's support.

To read CAF's case study please click this link.

Sad loss of Trust Director Tony Robinson

Anna It is with sadness that I must acknowledge the death of one of our directors, Tony Robinson. He last drifted away peacefully and painlessly on Friday 13th April 2012.

Tony was a founding member of the newly-created Board of the Nepal Trust in 2006 and became Finance Director in the same year, a post he held until 2010.

For many years and as an active member of Rotary, Tony was an enthusiastic supporter of the Nepal Trust. He first visited Nepal in 2006 when he participated with a team of Rotary volunteers in a trek to the upper Karnali and Limi valleys to assist with construction of a new micro-hydro energy facility at Halji. The group braved steep mountain passes and high altitudes on the grueling journey to Halji, an eight-day trek of 125 km which took them to an altitude of 16,500 feet. Laden down with packs and sleeping under canvas, Tony's team spent six days working on the installation before trekking for a further seven days on the return journey.

The trek to Halji was a great example of Tony's contribution both in the UK and in Nepal itself, and which served only to increase his enthusiasm for our work in Nepal. Not only was Tony extremely generous with his time, energy and passion, he also successfully raised substantial sums of money in support of the Nepal Trust's health care and renewable energy programmes over his many years with us.

Tony was also a founding member and former president of the Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins and the Chairman of the Cotswold Canal Trust.

Tony's enthusiasm and commitment was first class and he was a pleasure to work with. His early death is a real loss to the Trust and his wisdom and generous contribution will be greatly missed.

Karin, his wife, and the rest of his family have appreciated our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Mike Love
Chairman The Nepal Trust

Service of Thanksgiving

A Service of Thanksgiving in celebration of Tony's life was held on Thursday 19th April at the St. James Centre Gerrards Cross at which the family 'requested no flowers' but ‘donations please’ to the charities which he cared for.

A just giving web site has been opened in memory of Tony

New film documentary on Nepal Trust mission statement

AnnaFreelance photographer and filmmaker Anna McPherson, winner of the Best Short Film at the Moray Film Festival 2010, traveled to Humla this year to review the work of the Nepal Trust at first hand and to produce a new film documentary for the Nepal Trust with her company Recite Films.

To watch the film documentary please click this link.

The result has been truly astonishing and we are very grateful to Anna and her supporting donors Benromach and Converged to help us putting our mission for the upcoming years so nicely into view.

AnnaAnna herself holds a BA Hons degree in Media: Theory & Production at Paisley University, Associate IOV membership and has many years production experience working in broadcast television and film, Anna has a wealth of experience in filmmaking.
She has held the position of Production Coordinator in commercial television broadcasting and credits include: True TV & Film, BBC, STV, Endemol UK, RDF Media, Tem TV and many more.
More information on Anna's trip to Humla can be found at:

'Sweater Distribution Day' in Simikot

Last year the Nepal Trust received a valuable donation from Rotary Club of Old Meldrum in the form of top quality sweaters, which were kindly brought to Nepal by the Rotary club of Elgin who participated in our 'Trek to Build' program in Gorkha district to inspect a water supply project.

Last month the sweaters were transported to Nepalgunj by bus and flown in by plane to Simikot. In Simikot the Trust organized a 'Sweater Distribution Day' for the poorer Dalit children in the area. The local kids came by the dozens to our guest house where they received new clothes to keep them warm in the colder Winter months.

The Globalgiving Open Challenge has started!

The Globalgiving Open Challenge has started! Please help the Nepal Trust reach its targets and donate a small amount at:

Your support will ensure the Trust reaches out to a worldwide community and will support some of the poorest people in the world. Thank you so much.

Renewable Energy Service Center

After a successful training program in the course of 2010 for the students enrolled in our Renewable Energy Service Center project in Simikot, we just returned from the field and are happy to announce we have secured suitable land on where the center is to be constructed. Now that all legal formalities are dealt with, we are now preparing the construction plans.

The Great Himalayan Trail Record broken - 49 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes!

The famous ultra-adventure athlete Sean Burch ( has travelled 2000 kilometers (1250 miles) across Nepal over The Great Himalayan Trail in 49 days, 19 fewer than the past record set in 2003.

Burch passed through 18 of the remotest Himalayan districts in Nepal, traversed 1,250 miles, took over 2.6 million steps and tackled elevation gains/losses of over 500,000 ft. to reach altitudes over 20,000 ft. Some of the obstacles faced included blinding snowstorms, one of the worst monsoons in Nepal’s history, landslides, high altitude, leeches, hypothermia and extreme daily mental and physical exhaustion.

This great project, which was facilitated by the Nepal Trust, has been great awareness raising for Nepal and has been covered by Reuters, Associated Press, National Geographic, and many renowned intl. news networks including BBC News, NBC News, Explorers Web and CNN.

Sean has also been appointed Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Tourism Year 2011 by the Nepal Government for his work in 'the development, promotion and marketing of Nepal as a preferred tourist destination' and for his achievement in setting a new world record for the fastest crossing of Nepal, east to west.

Sean is committed to the people of Nepal and he hopes that this trek will not only bring Nepal to the attention of the international public but also assist the Nepal Government in their efforts to promote Nepal during their National Tourism Year in 2011.

He also hopes to raise awareness of development works along the GHT related to infrastructure, healthcare, education, renewable energy and with special focus on local culture and heritage preservation to bring many benefits to the social and economic development of the people living in these areas.

Visit the Great Himalaya Trail Development Project website here.

Humla Health Trip

In eye on ‘upping the game’ in our health program, UK Chairman Mike Love, accompanied by his wife Pavla, Nepal Trust volunteer Anna McPherson and our support staff just returned from a 3 week visit to Humla. In Humla the team inspected several project sites and had discussions with local communities in order to improve our service delivery and to expand our health program throughout more villages over the upcoming years. Anna, a professional film maker has captured the entire trip in order to prepare a documentary film that enables people to get a better insight in development issues in Humla district.